The Essence of Mercury Free Dental Care

In the past, attempts to fill teeth with various materials including wood and other forms of metals after drilling it and taking out the cavities were disappointing. Either the material couldn't take the tooth's pressure or it was simply too weak to hold the filling of the dental cavities. Mercury, also known as quicksilver, was said to be first discovered in the year 1500s in China. However, it was only in the middle 19th century when its widespread use began and has been used by dentists to fill dental cavities to date. Nevertheless, the possible toxicity of mercury has led to various advocacies against its use for dental amalgams, resulting to the rise of mercury free dental care.
Even when it was first introduced, there have been numerous debates on the safety of mercury dental fillings. In fact, mercury free dental care has long been established to counter the use of mercury in the human mouth and to provide a safer and a healthier option for dental treatment of dental caries. After all, if the tiniest amount of mercury that are ingested or inhaled could cause severe mercury poisoning, it was only a matter of time for mercury dental amalgams to emit harmful vapors that may lead to poisoning.

Studies have shown that exposure to mercury causes kidney damage, neurobehavioral changes and autoimmunity, a condition wherein the body's immune defenses attack its own cells and body tissues. Autism, oxidative stress and skin and mucosal alterations have also been known to manifest after being exposed to mercury. Even the lowest dose of mercurial exposure has also been known to pose a significant risk in causing Alzheimer's disease and Multiple Sclerosis. Mercury is also known to cause damage to fetuses and infants by traveling through the placenta or the breast milk of a pregnant woman. Mercury poisoning is also known to cause damage to the brain and the gastrointestinal tract.
Mercury dental amalgams is known for having the highest source of mercury and that it emits tiny amount of mercury vapor constantly, leaving you with continuous low exposure to the said element. Mercury free dental care aims to provide a safer means of dental treatment by replacing mercury dental amalgams with porcelain ones. Not only is it considered to be safe as it does not have any harmful effects and poisonous toxins even in the long run, it will make your teeth look like it haven't been touched by cavities because it blends with the teeth's natural color. Mercury free dental care provides healthier treatment options that do not include any use of mercury whatsoever. The dentists that advocate this form of dentistry look at your condition holistically, from your lifestyle to your dietary habits. Their belief stands on the premise that to maintain healthy teeth and gums, it is also imperative to keep your body healthy as well.
Mercury free dental care is one of the safest means of treating dental caries as of the moment. It aims to provide treatment options that are free from toxic materials and could still do its job even after several years have passed while simultaneously keeping the body and the teeth healthy.

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