Metal-Free Dentistry - A Healthier Way to Repair Teeth

Metal has long been used by dentists to repair their patients' teeth. For many years, the alloy used seemed to work remarkably well. Unfortunately, there have been numerous studies conducted that showed metal to be the reason for many negative health effects on patients. As effective as it was, metal can also damage teeth over time.
To provide their patients with better care and a safer option that will help them avoid adverse effects, many dentists are now offering dental services that are free from metal components. Metal-free dentistry involves the removal of metal alloys such as mercury fillings and replacing them with safer alternative materials in order to restore teeth. Find out why metal can cause oral health problems and why metal-free dentistry is the most advantageous form of cosmetic dentistry.

Mercury-free tooth repair - The use of mercury has been considered controversial for many years. It was a popular practice in dentistry that is considered a risk factor in the development of Alzheimer's disease, fibromyalgia, dementia, multiply sclerosis, kidney and brain problems. Experts are still debating about the amount of mercury that can lead to these health issues but there is now doubt regarding the use of metal as a dental restoration material, so much so that dentists are now declining to use metal for repairing their patients' teeth.
Patients have also begun exploring options to get their mercury fillings replaced in order to prevent health problems from developing. The cosmetic dentist who performs this procedure should be trained and skilled enough to do it correctly because it is so easy for fine pieces of mercury to be loosened and find their way to the patients' lungs.
Protecting teeth from changing metal - Metal fillings tend to change shape over time and their shift can often lead to tooth damage. Metal can contract and/or expand when exposed to cold or hot temperatures. These movements could cause the affected tooth to crack and leak, allowing in food debris and bacteria that can lead to decay. The shift can be painful and eventually destroy the tooth, making it more difficult and expensive to fix. As a solution, dentists have begun turning to composite materials which are not vulnerable to changes in temperature.
Advantages - Only a few dentists practice metal-free dental services, so it is important that you get in touch with your local professional to find out if they can offer this. If you suffer from allergic and/or toxic reactions, you will be better off seeking professional help right away.
Other than the obvious health benefits that composite materials offer, they can also provide a cosmetic advantage that cannot be matched by metal. Composite materials come in different shades that closely mimic the natural color of the tooth, making them look natural. They are also durable enough to last many years with enough care and maintenance.
The author has spent a lot of time learning about metal-free dentistry and removing amalgam fillings through a qualified Nashville Dentist. Do a quick search for Nashville Metal Free Dentistry and you'll soon find that only a few dentists specialize in safe removal.


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