Herbal Treatment For Tonsil Stones

The use of herbal treatment for tonsil stones is one technique that is not common but is very effective. Although other treatments are used as home remedies, it is important to keep an open mind in seeking other alternatives.
There are different approaches to tonsil stone or tonsillolith treatment. One approach involves herbal treatment. In Chinese medicine tonsil stones are believed to be a result of a combination of toxins and poor quality digestion. The solution recommended by Chinese medicine involves lowering or completely avoiding foods that increase acidity and toxins in the body like white flour products, red meats and fatty foods like dairy products, butter, fried foods and white sugar. It is also recommended that a person ingest foods rich in antioxidants like blueberries, pomegranate, carrots, cabbage, raspberries and turnips. Another solution for detoxifying the body and for relieving infections of the tonsils and tonsilloliths is by drinking ginger and carrot juice.

One of the prominent theories in Western medicine regarding tonsilloliths involves the presence of excess mucus or nasal drip collecting in the back of the throat. Such herbs meant to clear off mucus like ban xia, chen pi and bai fu zi are good alternatives from an herbal perspective.
Other solutions which are more common and do not involve the use of herbs are also very effective. Methods such as gargling with mouthwash or small doses of hydrogen peroxide are highly recommended. A second effective method involves brushing teeth with baking soda. The methods just described are effective in loosening and dislodging tonsilloliths.
It is very important to keep all these methods in mind but more importantly to use good oral hygiene. Methods such as home remedies and herbal treatments for tonsil stones are very effective in treating tonsil stones and also help with keeping the problem from reoccurring.

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